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Junior Badges

These activities were assembled by Palo Alto volunteers and are retained here for historical reference. Unfortunately, because GSUSA and our GSNORCAL Council have now transitioned to the Journeys program materials, we are no longer able to provide any assistance in obtaining the badges/patches girls could earn in conjunction with them.

These are groups of different kinds of Junior Badges(see below for an alphabetical list of badges). For each badge we describe the requirements and a list of resources (documents, links, field trip reports, etc.) The second 5 tabs are visible here, and the Web page will reload for the first 5 tabs.

   <1>  Girl Scout Basics
   <2>  Adventures in Girl Scouting
   <3>  It's Great to Be a Girl
   <4>  Family and Friends
   <5>  How to Stay Safe
   <6>  Be Healthy, Be Fit
   <7>  Let's Get Outdoors
   <8>  Create and Invent
   <9>  Explore and Discover
   <10>  Bridging & Other Awards

Alphabetical listing of Junior Badges

Be Healthy, Be Fit

Below is a list of Junior Badges for Be Healthy, Be Fit.
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  • Adventure Sports
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Get Strong. Practice keeping fit for sports.
    2. Picture It. Create a scrapbook of adventure sports.
    3. Kayak. Learn kayaking skills.
    4. Rope It. Go to a ropes course and learn skills.
    5. Ride the Waves. Learn to windsurf or surf.
    6. Mountain Bike. Learn mountain biking skills.
    7. Impact Free. Learn the impact of sports on the environment.
    8. Adventure Obstacle Course. Create an obstacle course for listed skills.
    9. Gear Up. Learn about the equipment for an adventure sport.
    10. Climb the Walls. Learn skills for a climbing wall.

  • Court Sports
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Warm Up. Develop a warm-up and cool-down routine.
    2. Juliette's Team. Learn about Juliette Lowe's basketball team.
    3. Keeping Track. Learn to keep score in a court sport. Practice.
    4. Practice, Practice, Practice. Choose a sports skill to improve.
    5. Play Ball. Play court sport two days a week for three weeks.
    6. Same Sport, Different Court. Learn about 3 surfaces tennis is played on.
    7. Tell It Like It Is! Watch a court sport and write a story.
    8. World of Sports. Learn about a not-so-common court sport.
    9. Be a Role Model. Give a presentation as a professional female athlete.
    10. A Winning Combination. Find places for sports players with disabilities.

  • Environmental Health
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Sun Sensations. Have a sun safety fashion show with friends.
    2. The Sun Squad. Create sun squad to educate people on sun health.
    3. Water Water Everywhere. Learn different ways to conserve water.
    4. Goin' Fishing? Learn if fishing spots in your area are clean.
    5. Get the Word Out. Make commercial to encourage environmental health.
    6. Block the Spread of Lead Relay. Play listed game.
    7. Environmental Times. Create an environmental newspaper.
    8. Smoke Free. Work on a smoke-out day for your community.
    9. Every Breath Counts. Learn how to reduce environmental asthma triggers.
    10. Get the Lead Out. Find out about the dangers of lead.

  • Field Sports
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Warm Up. Learn and demonstrate a walk and stretch routine.
    2. Play Ball. Play a field sport at least six different times.
    3. Pump It Up! Plan, make & play a tape of 4 songs to prepare for a big game.
    4. Scores and Stats. Learn to and practice keeping score.
    5. Feet and Cleats. Compare footwear for 3 different field sports.
    6. The Right Stuff.Learn about equipment for a field sport.
    7. Drink Plenty of Liquids. Try to drink 6 - 8 cups of water/day for 3 days.
    8. Work It, Girl! Interview a women with a sports career.
    9. Team Up to Win! For a week, work on being a better team player.
    10. Be a Fan. Design a trading card for a female athlete you admire.

  • Food Power
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Track It. Record everything you eat for one week.
    2. Keeping It Balanced. Create a healthy pyramid.
    3. Create a Food Advertisement. Design an ad for a healthy food.
    4. Understand Food Labels. Create chart to track 3items on food labels.
    5. Messages. In what ways do commercials teach good or poor eating habits.
    6. It's All About Choice. Make game about healthy food.
    7. Balanced Lunch? Compare school lunch menu to food pyramid for 1 week.
    8. End Hunger. Do service project to help fight hunger.
    9. Speak Your Mind. Write a letter to the US President about hunger.
    10. Scavenger Hunt. Look for food providing most nutrients.

  • Fun and Fit
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. A Little Each Day. Come up with 7 ways to be more fit. Do one.
    2. Chart the Race. Make chart. For 3 weeks. troop do physical activities.
    3. Warm Up. Create a warm-up routine for your favorite sport.
    4. Cool Down. Create a cool-down routine for you favorite sport.
    5. S-t-r-e-t-c-h. Demonstrate three stretches.
    6. Get Moving. For 2 weeks, do aerobic exercise 3 to 5 times a week.
    7. Know No Obstacles. Teach an international game to younger girls.
    8. Strengthen Up. For 2-3 weeks, do strength-building exercises.
    9. If the Shoe Fits, Wear It! Do shoe activity.
    10. Fancy Footwork. Do the watermark test.

  • Healthier You, A
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Healthy Bones. Find 7 diff. calcium-rich foods. Eat one at each meal for a week.
    2. Strong Bones. For a week, do weight-bearing activity for 30 min/day.
    3. Talk to Me. Find out about eating disorders.
    4. Tell Me What You Think. Survey friends about body image.
    5. Getting the Message Out. Do healthy habits skit.
    6. Preventable or Inevitable? Learn healthy ways to prevent illness.
    7. Ways to Help. Pick a health issue and participate in an awareness event.
    8. Get Well Soon. Visit or write to person in hospital, nursing home or hospice.
    9. Keeping Track. Track progress toward a healthier you for a month.
    10. Relay for Sun Safety. Try listed game to learn protection from the sun.

  • Highway to Health
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Sincerely, Your Body. Write a letter to yourself from your body.
    2. Healthy Steps. Learn about healthy and unhealthy habits.
    3. Sleepy Head. Learn what happens to your body with and w/o sleep.
    4. Germ Busters. Do hand washing activity.
    5. Eating on the Run. Look thru JGHB and try healthy snack recipes.
    6. Don't Explode. Do group activity to learn about stress.
    7. Stress Relief. Read about stress mgmt in JGHB and try one.
    8. Mirror Mirror. Make mirror and do activity.
    9. Take Care of Your Teeth. Learn tips on proper way to brush & floss.
    10. Check Out Healthy. Make poster about regular check-ups.

  • Sports Sampler
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Stretch It Out. Create 5 min. warm-up & cool-down.
    2. Practice Makes Perfect. Practice 3 skills for hour/week for 3 weeks.
    3. Play Time. Participate in a sport. Discover 2 ways to improve your play.
    4. Try Something New. Try a new sport for at least six sessions.
    5. Safety First. Learn to treat two basic injuries.
    6. See and Tell. Compare media articles on male and female players.
    7. You Go Girl! Write and demonstrate a cheer.
    8. HerStory of Sport. Trace the role of women in a sport's history.
    9. Spread the Word. Work to supply sports equip. to people who need it.
    10. Sport Search. Find out about two sports that are new to you.

  • Stress Less
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Create a Personal Stress Kit.
    2. Stress Less Writing. Start a stress less journal.
    3. What Are You Feeling? Keep a feelings diary for a day.
    4. Do for Others. Help someone with a project or problem.
    5. Move That Stress Away. Make list of 10 actions to reduce stress. Do one.
    6. Listen to Music. Learn what music you and your friends find soothing.
    7. Pass It On. Learn stress reduction techniques from friends.
    8. Read and Relax. Make a list of especially relaxing books.
    9. One at a Time. Learn about time management.
    10. Practice Elevator Breathing. Practice exercise.

  • Walking For Fitness
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. *Three stretching activities.
    2. Personal walk program for one month.
    3. Compare different walking shoes brands.
    4. Prepare simple first aid kit.
    5. Well balanced snack for extended walk.
    6. *On walk use map to arrive in new destination.
    7. Project to clean up walk trail.
    8. List interesting places within a two mile radius.
    9. Organized groups in community.
    10. Show how to dress for the weather.

  • Winter Sports
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Material girl! Which fabrics will keep you warm and dry?
    2. Get Ready for Skiing. Prepare for skiing.
    3. On the Slopes. Learn to downhill ski and ski safely.
    4. Distance Traveling. Learn to cross-country ski.
    5. In-Line Skating. Learn it safely.
    6. Don't Forget Your Sled! Plan a sledding outing with a group.
    7. First Aid for Cold. Learn how to recognize and treat winter health hazards.
    8. The Winter Olympics. Find out about a sport.
    9. Balance, Coordination, and Agility. Practice these moves.
    10. Ice Hockey Anyone? Learn basics of ice hockey and become player.

Let's Get Outdoors

Below is a list of Junior Badges for Let's Get Outdoors. 
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  • Camp Together
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. * Make a Plan. Help plan a two night camping trip.
    2. *Safety First. Do listed safety activities.
    3. Walk Softly. Learn and practice leave no trace camping.
    4. Dress Right. Develop list of group & personal camping supplies. Help pack.
    5. Fueling and Cleaning Up. Plan meals. Cook meal. Learn clean up.
    6. Challenge Yourself. Learn a new outdoor skill.
    7. Pitching In. Before you go, make a schedule and kaper chart.
    8. Natural World. Plan outdoor activity to learn about natural surroundings.
    9. The Outdoors at Night. Do night time activity.
    10. Learning from Experience. After trip, make list of camping tips to share.

  • Earth Connections
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. *Be an Ecologist: Your study Area. Mark and study ecosystem.
    2. Traveling Through Time. Draw what you might see for two sites.
    3. Identify That Tree. Learn to identify 10 tree species. Describe ecosystem.
    4. Reading the Rings. Find and study tree stump with growth rings.
    5. Eco-Games. Play game that shows dependence of plants & animals.
    6. Saving Animals and Plants. Visit and learn about zoo or game preserve.
    7. Adapt or Parish. Learn how plants or animals have adapted to survive.
    8. Plants and People. Learn about 5 diff. plants native to your area.
    9. Observing Change. Find how animals or plants change over time.
    10. Earth as an Ecosystem. Study one of listed problems.

  • Eco-Action
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Green Team. Start eco-action club. Meet at least for two weeks.
    2. Plant a Tree. Take part in a tree-planting activity.
    3. Every Drop Counts. Do something to conserve water.
    4. What's Watt. Determine your wattage usage for 3 days.
    5. Start the Presses! Publish newspaper covering environmental issues.
    6. Trashy Art. Make work of art using stuff you would normally throw away.
    7. Paper Rules! Create advertising campaign to encourage less plastic use.
    8. Clean and Healthy. Do an Earth-friendly service project.
    9. You Auto Know. Learn what and how auto emissions are monitored.
    10. Women's Work. Learn about a woman who championed the environment.

  • Finding Your Way
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Know Your Maps. Be able to explain 3 diff. types of maps.
    2. North, South, East, West. Show you know how to use a compass.
    3. How Long and How Far. Use map to determine time to specific place.
    4. Walk the Distance. Estimate time to walk distance and try it.
    5. Map Maker. Draw map of a route with a legend or key.
    6. Map of the Place. Draw map to scale of a specific place.
    7. Make a Model. Make 3 dimensional model.
    8. Finding Your Way Without Map or Compass. Use sun, stars and nature.
    9. Trail Signs Traffic. Use trail signs to set up a mini-trail for others to follow.
    10. Bus and Train Maps. Learn to use bus or train maps. Try your route.

  • Frosty Fun
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Dress Cool. Hold fashion show to demonstrate dressing for winter.
    2. Snow Sculptures. Make snow sculptures.
    3. Flaky Fun. Examine snowflakes. Make six different snowflakes.
    4. Snow Painting. Do listed activity.
    5. Serious Fun. Learn about hypothermia and frostbite. Teach younger girls.
    6. Snow Detective. Find 3 diff. animals tracks in snow and figure out animal.
    7. Snow Travel Savvy. Prepare snow-storm emergency kit for car.
    8. Ice Safety. Do an ice safety and ice rescue training activity.
    9. Be a Sport. Learn and practice a new winter sport for two to three weeks.
    10. Natural Insulation. Prove animal fat can insulate by doing activity.

  • Hiker
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. *Safety First. Discuss the safety list for each hike you plan to take.
    2. Comfort and the Right Stuff. Demonstrate dressing and packing for hike.
    3. Know Your First Aid. Demonstrate first aid for common hiking problems.
    4. Give Back to the Sport. Organize or help with trail building or maintenance project.
    5. A Different Kind of Walk. Use compass and map.
    6. Mark Forward. Take part in a Volksmarch.
    7. Be an Explorer. Explore an unknown territory. Take notes.
    8. Hiking Is Worldwide. Use Internet or library to explore listed trail.
    9. Share the Fun. Find way to share fun of hiking with others.
    10. *Happy Trails to You. Plan and go on 2 all-day or 1 overnight hike(s).

  • Horse Fan
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. On the Trail. Find out about riding horses in your community.
    2. Caring for Horses. Visit a stable. Learn about caring for horses.
    3. Fashion and Function. Show correct and safe clothing for horse activities.
    4. Horses Through History. Illustrated booklet on history and development of horse.
    5. Song of the Horse. Listen to cowboy ballads & teach one to troop.
    6. Make a Career of Riding. Explore 3 careers associated with horses.
    7. Ease with Equipment. Learn about parts of a saddle and bridle.
    8. Horse Tales. Learn about famous horses. Tell story to a group.
    9. Horse Stories. Read one or more books about horses.
    10. Showing Off. Attend a horsemanship event at camp.

  • Horse Rider
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Get Ready to Ride. Saddle and bridle horse by self.
    2. Equipment Expert. Learn about different equip. Teach someone.
    3. In Good Form. Show you can do listed in good form.
    4. Clips, combs, and More. Learn to safely use tools for grooming a horse.
    5. Ride On. Plan and take part in one of listed rides.
    6. Horses, Safety, and You. Explain safety regulations for riding & horse etiquette.
    7. Horse Anatomy. Name principal parts of a horse. Learn disease prevention.
    8. New Skills. Work with instructor to learn & practice 2 new skills.
    9. Perfect Your Form. Take riding lessons to learn basics of riding.
    10. See for Yourself. Take trip to horse show. If possible, enter it.

  • Outdoor Cook
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Bon Appetit! With group, plan, prepare, and serve an outdoor meal.
    2. Bean There, Done That. Find 3 recipes w/beans, rice or potatoes. Cook one.
    3. Cook It. Learn how to use at least two listed cooking methods.
    4. Don't Let the Fire Go Out. Maintain cookfire in windy or wet weather.
    5. Cooking On a Camp Stove. Use backpacker's or camp stove safely.
    6. Keep It Clean. Lead role in cleanup process.
    7. No Cooking Tonight. prepare high energy dinner w/o cooking or refrigeration.
    8. Mix It Up. Make and package dry mix for campout.
    9. All Dried Up. Sun-dry or oven-dry food for campout.
    10. Test the Waters. Show ability to purify water.

  • Outdoor Creativity
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Many Ways to Be Creative. Create artwork with nature as inspiration.
    2. It's Famous. Study famous work inspired by nature.
    3. Nature in Three Lines. Try writing a haiku.
    4. Capture a Piece of Nature. Press flowers.
    5. Celebrate Nature. Plan a creative outdoor event.
    6. Your Own Garden. Plant a garden of your own.
    7. A Garden Tour. Tour community, botanical or neighborhood garden.
    8. A Girl Scout's Own. Plan an out Scout's Own ceremony.
    9. Starry, Starry Night. Participate in a night watch when on a campout..
    10. Diversity in Nature. Create two works about two different outdoor spots.

  • Outdoor Fun
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. *Get Going. Plan and carry out two outings. Make list of equipment.
    2. Outdoor Emergencies. Pick 3 emergencies and role-play what to do.
    3. Eating Out. Plan, buy, pack, carry, prepare and serve meal for 2 outings.
    4. Build a Fire. Build basic fire, prepare food, put it out. Leave no trace.
    5. A First Aid Kit. Plan and make first-aid-kit. Demonstrate how to use it.
    6. Protect the Environment. Dispose of waste w/o damage. Sanitize dishes.
    7. Sing Around the Campfire. Plan songs, games & activities.
    8. Tied Up in Knots. Demonstrate square knot. Learn another knot.
    9. Clean Up. Unpack, clean and store your groups equipment.
    10. Looking Ahead. Plan next trip outdoors. Make it different.

  • Outdoors In The City
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. What Can You Do? Find out 3 outdoor activities in your city.
    2. Safety on Wheels. Organize safety clinic.
    3. Urban Wildlife. Find what animals are in your city & where they live.
    4. Do You Double-Dutch? Learn to play one of listed outdoor games.
    5. Group Walk. Plan a guided walk for a group.
    6. Cook with City Sun. Make sun tea and sun jam.
    7. Urban Art. Create piece of art reflecting your feelings about outdoor spot.
    8. Tackle a Community Service Project.
    9. A City Garden. Get involved in a city garden. Share produce.
    10. Kites and Frisbees. Invite expert to speak to your group.

  • Plants and Animals
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Plants Here, There, and Everywhere. Play listed game.
    2. Garden Gifts. Grow your own greenery.
    3. Creative Teacher. Teach an animal a trick or new behavior.
    4. Wild Relatives. Learn how pets differ from wild relatives.
    5. Creature Clusters. Create you own animal groupings and explain.
    6. Veggie Voyagers. Prepare dishes with fruits & veg. from other countries.
    7. Seed Art. Make work of art with 2 kinds of seeds people eat.
    8. Living Sculpture. Create plant sculpture using plants.
    9. What a Pest! Learn about 1 plant & 1 animal considered pests.
    10. Go on Safari. Go on a world wildlife safari as described.

  • Small Craft
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. *Staying Afloat. Select, use, and care for PFD. Do listed activities.
    2. All Hands on Deck. Talk about what to do if 3 of listed things happen.
    3. From Bow to Stern. Learn nautical terms. Identify 3 types of water craft.
    4. Permission to Board. Show you can trim craft.
    5. Shove Off. Show you can handle small craft safely.
    6. Hoist the Sails! Show that you can handle a sailboat.
    7. Full Speed Ahead! In boat w/motor, demonstrate listed skills.
    8. Thar She Blows! Show you practice rules of water.
    9. Red Sky in the Morning, Sailors Take Warning. Show how to check weather.
    10. Swab the Deck! Do at least 3 things to keep boat shipshape.
  • Swimming
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. *Know Water Safety. Demonstrate listed safety activities.
    2. My Buddy and Me. Create and practice a buddy check call.
    3. Like a Fish. Learn to snorkel.
    4. Go Swim! Demonstrate listed swimming activities.
    5. Helpful Swimmer. Help swimmer with cramp, hypothermia, sunburn or tired.
    6. Check It off. Make water safety checklist.
    7. Underwater Swimmer.
    8. Diver. Perform two different dives.
    9. Going for the Gold! Get involved in a swimming competition.
    10. Water Moves. Imitate animals actions in a water game.

  • Water Fun
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. *Safety First.
    2. Picture It. Do 3 or more activities.
    3. A Balancing Act. Learn about boat trim.
    4. Get in the Swim of Things.
    5. Water Games. Make up and play game using buddy system.
    6. A Sailor's Life.
    7. Precious Water. Brainstorm ways to conserve water.
    8. Look Closely. Take discovery trip to water environment.
    9. Let the Games Begin. Attend a water event. Learn rules.
    10. Jobs on the Water. Tour place where people have fun on the water.
    11. Attend water event.
    12. Tour place of water fun.Talk to employee job.

  • Wildlife
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Wildlife Symbol Party.
    2. It's All in the Details. Draw or take pictures of plant or animal.
    3. Creature Feature. Learn about beaks.
    4. We Are Family. Learn about two wildlife groups.
    5. Touch-Me-Not! Poisonous plants and animals.
    6. Staying Alive. Learn about 2 endangered plans or animals in your region.
    7. Take a Closer Look. Use 2 tools to see plant or animal up close.
    8. Animal Watcher.
    9. Nature's Remedies. Find healthful properties of 3 plants.
    10. How Was Your Day? Observe wild animal.

  • Your Outdoor Surroundings
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. What Would I Need If ... Learn about outdoor equipment.
    2. Pack It Up. Plan trip to imaginary site.
    3. What Does Minimal Impact Mean?
    4. To Protect the Environment. Brainstorm list.
    5. An Outdoor Hobby. Learn about an outdoor activity from expert.
    6. Classifying Outdoor Objects: the Artist and the Scientist.
    7. An Outdoor Career.
    8. What Do You See?
    9. Take a Nature Hike!
    10. Outdoor Fun and Games. Plan games day with prizes and snacks.

Create and Invent

Below is a list of Junior Badges for Create and Invent.
Click to scroll to the requirements, resources and field trips

  • Architecture
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Building Tour.
    2. Making Their Mark. Learn about well-known architect.
    3. Down to Scale. Make plan of a room to scale.
    4. Conserving Energy. What kinds of laws exist?
    5. Nature's Design. Design a garden.
    6. Making Your Mark. Participate in a project in your community.
    7. Architecture Around the World.
    8. Idea File. Make one.
    9. From Airports to Zoos. Brainstorm list of buildings to design.
    10. House of Sticks. Create structure out of sticks.

  • Art in 3-D
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. In the Fold. Make an origami paper crane. Use as decoration.
    2. Mold It. Mold clay or other modeling material.
    3. Past Masters. Try to copy a famous sculpture.
    4. Negatives Are Positives. Create abstract sculpture.
    5. Carve It. With help, make a wood carving.
    6. All Around the Town. Find 5 examples of 3 dimensional art.
    7. Art That's Me. Create piece of 3-D art representing your heritage.
    8. Art As Therapy.
    9. It's Mobile. Learn about and make mobile.
    10. Wire It. Create 3-D design with wire.
    11. Make something with paper mache.

  • Art in the Home
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Art in Style. Collection of pictures.
    2. Measure Up. Draw room in scale and decorate with furnishings.
    3. Create a Dream Room.Room box using samples.
    4. A Dried Gourd Decoration.
    5. Say It with Flowers. Visit store. Make floral arrangement or centerpiece.
    6. Home Arts: Home Business.
    7. Budget for the Future. Visit store. Pick furnishings and list prices.
    8. Design Your Own Room. Make two plans -- limited & unlimited budgets.
    9. Holiday Decor. Make holiday decoration.
    10. Accent on Beauty. Create something to make home nicer.
  • Art To Wear
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Fashion Through the Ages.
    2. Fashion Friendship.
    3. Fashions From Afar. Create poster of traditional dress from 3 continents.
    4. Show Your Flair. Fashion show of original designs.
    5. Pattern Maker. Make fabric design and display.
    6. Fashion Add-ons. Create clothing accessory.
    7. Sell Fashion. Explore careers or hobbies in fashion.
    8. Doll Clothes. Give dolls fashion tune-up.
    9. The Old Is New Again. Study jewelry from different decades.
    10. Decorate Your Wears. Dress up garment with decorative item. Model it.

  • Books
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. It's a Wide World. Read two stories from other cultures. Share.
    2. Picture This! Do activities with picture books.
    3. Be a Tape Worm! Make audiotape for someone who cannot read.
    4. Be a Reading Helper.
    5. The Living Past. Read about past life in the United States.
    6. Read and Review. Read review and book and decide if review is right.
    7. How To? Read On! Become expert by reading about subject. Share.
    8. Build a Library. Deliver books or make library.
    9. Books for Life. Learn about careers for people who like boos.
    10. Your Library's Treasures.

  • Camera Shots
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Camera Shop. Three diff. cameras, three diff. films.
    2. Portraits. Take different pictures of friend or family.
    3. Be a Sports Photographer.
    4. Landscape. Take at least 5 pictures focusing on the environment.
    5. The Basics. Learn to use a video camera.
    6. Show Time. Enlarge and frame photo -OR- edit and show video.
    7. Get Ready, Get Set. Learn to maintain and clean your camera.
    8. Tell a Story.
    9. Screen Test.
    10. Getting It in Shape. Learn about video editing.

  • Ceramics and Clay

    1. Requirements
    2. Make It with Clay. Practice two or more clay-building techniques.
    3. Coil Up! Make piece of potter using coil method.
    4. Handle with Care. Learn how to handle clay with care.
    5. Time for Tiles. Decorate squares of clay.
    6. Fuel and Fire. Visit potter's studio. Learn about kilns.
    7. Grin and Glaze It! Decorate bisqueware. Learn about glazes.
    8. Bas-relief. Create bas-relief plaque.
    9. Dream Decorator. Look for modern examples of ceramics for dream house.
    10. Pass on the Knowledge. Help younger girls make and display pottery.
    11. Folk Pottery. Learn about 2 or 3 examples of folk pottery.

  • Collecting Hobbies
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Building Your Collection. Hobby questions.
    2. Share Your Collection with Others. Arrange, display or mount collection.
    3. Meet Other Collectors. Find info about other people who share your same hobby
    4. Be the Expert About Your Hobby.
    5. Organize a Hobby Fair.
    6. Organize Your Hobby.
    7. Go on a Treasure Hunt.
    8. Collect for the Community.
    9. Collecting Globally. Would your collection be diff. if you lived somewhere else?
    10. Generation to Generation.

  • Creative Solutions
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. The Chinese Tangram. Use a tangram to make at least 5 diff. things.
    2. Change Directions. Change your routine for a week.
    3. Ordinary Items, Extraordinary Uses. Have contest.
    4. Historical Insight. Find out about a famous woman.
    5. Alternative Solutions.
    6. How Others Solve Problems.
    7. Local, National, and Global Problem Solving.
    8. Shipwrecked on an Island. Who & what 5 items would you choose?
    9. Coded Language. Invent your own coded language.
    10. Create a World. Design a society in 2040 on a new planet.

  • Dance
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Watch Their Moves.
    2. Moods and Moves. Use mood & movement to portray a story.
    3. Step, Stamp, Stomp! Learn 3 basic tap dance steps.
    4. Dance Watcher. Watch a dance performance.
    5. Dance Around the World. Explore the dance of another country.
    6. Lines and Squares. Learn line or square dancing.
    7. Country and Western Dancing. Create a C & W theme dance event.
    8. Belle of the Ball. Learn one classic ballroom dance.
    9. Dance Through the Decades. Hold a theme night or family dance night.
    10. Dance Party.

  • Discovering Technology
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Just for Practice. Use software to build, design or map something.
    2. All Things Digital. Learn about things that have computer chips in them.
    3. Find the Inventions. Do activity from the JGHB.
    4. Outdoors Technology. Find examples of technology in sports activities.
    5. Technology to Wear. Visit artisan who makes useable or wearable art.
    6. The Inner Workings.
    7. Tools to Make Life Easier.Compare items to their simpler counterparts.
    8. Recycling Technology.
    9. The Future Is Here. Investigate a new technology.
    10. Then and Now. How has technology changed the way things are done?

  • Doing Hobbies
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Handmade Especially for You. Make a gift for someone.
    2. The Right fit. Hobby questions.
    3. Learning a Doing Hobby. Practice. Teach someone.
    4. Hobbies in the Past. Learn history of hobby.
    5. Your Hobby: A Possible Career.
    6. Do Your Hobby with Others.
    7. What in the World Are You Doing? Hobby in other countries.
    8. Give Back. Do something for your community.
    9. Hobby Together. Find out about clubs promoting your hobby.
    10. Find a New One.

  • Drawing and Painting
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Media Savvy. Make picture with 3 different media.
    2. Primary--Secondary. learn primary and secondary colors.
    3. No Brushes. Try two diff. painting techniques w/o brushes.
    4. What's Your Line? Two pictures showing diff. uses of lines.
    5. In Shape. Pictures using shapes for objects.
    6. Shades of Color. Two pictures using many shades of one color.
    7. It's How You Look at It. Draw picture using perspective.
    8. On the Wall. Make a troop mural.
    9. On Your Own. Create art gallery or art show.
    10. Women Who Paint. Learn about a woman artist.

  • Folk Arts
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Family Portrait. Draw or paint family picture or photo story
    2. A Picture Tells a Thousand Thoughts. Examine old photos.
    3. Tell a Story. Practice art of story telling.
    4. Fancy Feet. Learn a folk dance. Teach steps.
    5. Traditional Art. Learn art traditional for girls 75 years or more ago.
    6. What Toys Tell Us. Learn about old toys.
    7. Folk Arts Around the Globe. Do folk art project.
    8. A Feast of Folk Crafts. Work on large project with group.
    9. Fresh and Original. Create a new folk art product.
    10. Time Travel. Visit place where items used in the past are on display.

  • Jeweler
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Jewelry from Everyday Objects.
    2. Macrame.
    3. Jewelry from Other Lands. Study jewelry form four diff. cultures.
    4. Jewelers' Skills. Learn jewelry-making techniques.
    5. Take a Tour. Visit exhibit of jewelry.
    6. Something Natural. Make piece of jewelry from organic material.
    7. Triple Up. Make jewelry of at lead 3 different elements.
    8. Store Your Gems. Make jewelry box.
    9. True Gemstones. Learn about stones or minerals used for jewelry.
    10. Get the Message? Symbolism in jewelry.

  • Making Hobbies
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Choose Your Craft. Ask questions about hobby and discuss with others.
    2. Practice Your Craft. Make at least 3 examples.
    3. Re-Craft. Use new material.
    4. Where and When. Look at global and historical examples.
    5. Make a Recycled Craft.
    6. Make a Craft with a Nature Theme.
    7. An Honor. Write description for museum.
    8. Your Own Gift Wrap.
    9. Crafty Cash. Learn about craft business.
    10. Safe Crafts. Make Craft Safety Checklist.

  • Math Whiz
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Math Hunt. Different examples of math used every day.
    2. Your Numbers Are ... Measure yourself 5 ways. Convert to metric.
    3. Shape Up. Look for geometric shapes.
    4. Calculate Your Flight Time.
    5. Make It Count. Calculation contest.
    6. Make a Math Puzzle.
    7. Predictions. Compare predictions with results.
    8. Make Your Own Code.
    9. Scale It. Create a scale model.
    10. Just the Stats. Find examples of math in sports.

  • Ms. Fix-It
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Call for Help. What to do for emergencies.
    2. It's Electric! Do at least 3 listed activities.
    3. Flash. Learn to change battery and bulb of flashlight.
    4. Fix a Faucet. Learn to replace a washer.
    5. A Simple Fix-It. Learn inner workings of the toilet tank.
    6. Conserve Energy.
    7. Hank It Up. Demonstrate hanging item on wall.
    8. Out and About the Home. With assistance, do two activities.
    9. Repairs Withing Your Community.
    10. Read All About It. Use operating instructions to troubleshoot.

  • Prints and Graphics
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Rubbed the Right Way. Make 3 different rubbings.
    2. Stamp Designs. Make your own stamp.
    3. Nature's Prints. Make print with natural object.
    4. Stencil Fun. Create a design and cut stencil for it.
    5. Silk Screening. Make silk screening print.
    6. Graphic Design. Use graphic design software.
    7. Eye For Design. Make stationery, cards or wrapping paper.
    8. Help By Design. Use print-making skills in a service project.
    9. Decorating with Prints. Mat and frame one of your prints.
    10. Book Design. Design page of a book.

  • Puzzlers
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. A Maze with a Theme. Design your own maze.
    2. Crossword Puzzler. Make a crossword puzzle.
    3. Do You See It? Learn about optical illusions.
    4. Picaria. Learn to play it.
    5. It's in the Cards. Learn and perform 3 card tricks.
    6. It's Magic. Learn three magic tricks.
    7. The Game of Nim. Play it several times.
    8. Scramble. Make a word scramble with 5 - 10 words.
    9. Word Search. Make up a word search.
    10. One Dollar Words. Play described word game.

  • Sew Simple
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Hands Down. Learn hand sewing.
    2. A Stitch in Time. Explore machine sewing.
    3. Foot Fun. Decorate your socks.
    4. Program It. Learn to program a design on the sewing machine.
    5. Pick a Pattern. Pick a pattern from a pattern book.
    6. A Perfect Fit. Determine you size for pattern envelope diagram.
    7. Sew for Service. Make something for people in need.
    8. Hospital Helpers. Make cancer caps for children who lost their hair.
    9. Find the Fabric. Learn about fabrics.
    10. Sew a Puppet.

  • Theater
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Make a Mask.
    2. Character Traits. Read a play and study a character.
    3. Character Charades.
    4. Mirror Mimic. Try to mirror mimic with someone else.
    5. How You Say It. Practice expressing with different emotions.
    6. Mix It Up, Make It Up. Make your own costumes and props.
    7. The Changing Faces in Theater. Learn about make-up.
    8. Belt It Out. Make sure you're loud enough to be heard.
    9. Theater Around the World. Learn about theater in another part of the world.
    10. See It Live! Attend a performance.

  • Toymaker
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. It's Your Design. Create toy of your own design.
    2. Toys Around the World. Toys in other countries. Create one.
    3. Toys Through History. History of toys. Create one.
    4. Make a Doll House.
    5. Make a Board Game.
    6. Challenge the Imagination. Create a brainteaser game, toy or puzzle.
    7. Design an Educational Game.
    8. Toy Safety. Research it and share your findings.
    9. Toy Recycling.
    10. Trash It! Make a toy from trash.

  • Visual Arts
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Color Wise. Find out about primary and secondary colors. Make picture.
    2. Color Your Mood. Use color to create a picture that shows emotion.
    3. Black and White. Make design or picture using only black & white.
    4. One Color, Many Shades. Make picture with shades of one color.
    5. Still Life. Trace variety of objects for abstract.
    6. Art Bridges. Learn about art in other countries.
    7. Design It. Look for design in everyday objects.
    8. On the Move. Draw or paint something in motion.
    9. Tour It. Visit place to see many types of visual arts.
    10. Put It in Perspective. Draw picture using perspective.

  • Write All About It
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Write from the Start. Start your own writer's notebook for a week.
    2. Story Starters. Create 3 different story starters.
    3. Memoirs Are Memories. Try writing a memoir.
    4. How to How-To. Write instructions that tell how to do something.
    5. True Fiction. Write your own fictional story.
    6. Group Writing for Laughs. With a group, write a fun story.
    7. Play It Out! Write a short play and perform it.
    8. Author! Author! Try to talk to writers in your community.
    9. A Pocket Full of Poems. Learn 3 types of poetry and write a poem.
    10. Good News. Write a news article.

  • Yarn and Fabric Arts
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Dye It. Use dyes or tints to decorate a small object.
    2. Weave On. Learn how to weave and do a project.
    3. Famous Fabric Masterpieces. Find examples of fabric arts in museum.
    4. Knots. Learn how to make the listed knots.
    5. Knot Project. Make a simple macrame project.
    6. Knit On. Learn knitting basics and make small item.
    7. Crochet On. Learn crocheting basics and make small item.
    8. A Stitch in Time. Learn to embroidery and complete a project.
    9. Fabrics of the Past. Learn about fabric art done by women in past.
    10. Fabrics 'Round the World. Find fabric arts traditional to a country.

Explore and Discover

Below is a list of Junior Badges for Explore and Discover.
Click to scroll to the requirements, resources and field trips.

  • Aerospace
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Paper Airplanes. Make and fly 3 different designs for paper airplanes.
    2. Test Flight. Make simple glider and learn to fly it.
    3. Go Fly a Kit. Make and fly your own kite.
    4. Think Sky High. Visit place related to air travel.
    5. Models Away. Watch and learn about model planes.
    6. Shoot for the Stars. Watch a space launch -OR- visit NASA's Web site.
    7. Contact! Talk to older people about air travel before 1960.
    8. Space Flight Spinoffs. Explore science and technology from space travel.
    9. Up, UP, and Away! Put on an air show.
    10. Women Flying Sky High. Learn about women pilots and astronauts.

  • Computer Fun
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Get Set Up. Learn about computers at home.
    2. Just the Basics. Learn to do basic computer operation.
    3. Computer Artist. Use graphics or photo software.
    4. Desktop Publishing. Create a newsletter on your computer.
    5. Fun and Games. Put on demo of computer games and software.
    6. Review the Products. Evaluate software.
    7. Get Practical. Use software to do something.
    8. What's Available? Compare different systems -OR- Read 3 computer magazines.
    9. On the Job. Interview four people who use computers in their jobs.
    10. Comparison Shopping.

  • Globe-Trotting
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Picture It. Display about architecture in 3 very diff. places.
    2. Too Your Own Horn. Advertise your community's tourist attractions.
    3. Read All About It. Read stories or book where setting influences the plot.
    4. Just a Drop. Keep track of your water usage.
    5. Be Aware--Be Prepared! Learn about natural disasters.
    6. Map It Out. Become an expert on a country.
    7. Dear Diary... Write diary of imaginary explorer.
    8. Is Anybody There? Investigate 3 communication technologies.
    9. We're All Connected. Career where people need to know about other countries.
    10. It's All Yours. Create a geographical locale that's perfect for you.

  • Let's Get Cooking
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Keeping It Clean. Experiment shows importance of washing hands.
    2. When in Doubt, Throw It Out.
    3. Have It Your Way. Create your own healthy fast-food restaurant.
    4. something for Everyone. Collect food for needy.
    5. The Perfect Egg. Create a recipe in which eggs are used.
    6. New Wave Chef. With help, try recipe that uses an appliance.
    7. Tasty Treats: Fruit Surprise.
    8. Mix It Up. Hold a blender party.
    9. Food Around the World. With troop, eat your way around the world.
    10. The Big Change. Take a recipe and make it healthier.

  • Making It Matter
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Making a Polymer. Make your own polymer.
    2. Polymer Possibilities. Experiment adding diff. ingredients to your polymer.
    3. Making connections. Make a doorbell.
    4. Moving Parts. Find out role of bearings in machines.
    5. Materials and Structures. Build a structure to hang a cup.
    6. Engineering in Action. Visit site where engineers work.
    7. Label Check. Learn about household chemicals.
    8. Base-ic Facts. PH experiment.
    9. Reverse Engineering. With help, take apart an old simple appliance.
    10. Use Computers to Design. Learn about computer-assisted design.

  • Making Music
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. A Family Affair. Learn about an instrument family.
    2. A New Sound. Design a brand new instrument.
    3. Practice, Practice, Practice.
    4. Compose Yourself. Write a simple melody and teach it.
    5. Musical Roots.
    6. Be a Conductor. Learn how to conduct a piece of music.
    7. Music with a Theme. Perform music that matches a theme.
    8. On Stage. Participate in a performance.
    9. Opera, Anyone? Watch an opera or operetta.
    10. The World and Its Influence on Music.

  • Music Fan
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Express Yourself. Design your own music awards.
    2. Listening to Something New. Listen to at least 2 new types of music.
    3. Sharing Music. Perform!
    4. Found Music. Make simple musical instrument.
    5. What's a Song Made of?
    6. Folk Songs from Afar. Learn 2 folk songs.
    7. Careers in Music. Interview someone with a career in music.
    8. Music: Insight to History. Find 2 songs written during another time.
    9. Nature's Call. Make your own recording of the sounds of nature.
    10. Dance Time. Create a dance.

  • Oil Up
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. A Day's Work. What do rescuers do for animals after an oil spill?
    2. Fossil Facts. Create a display.
    3. Where in the World? Design map of major oil deposits around the world.
    4. Around the World. Study country that supplies world with oil.
    5. Make and Clean Up an Oil Spill.
    6. How Does an Oil Spill Affect a Beach?
    7. Ten? Twenty? Learn about jobs related to oil.
    8. Oil Drop. Pretend you are a drop of oil.
    9. Come Clean. Learn how service stations clean oil & gas spills.
    10. It's in What? Keep log for week of petroleum products you use.

  • Rocks Rock
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Be a Rock Hound! Start a rock collection.
    2. Geo Hunt. Search for clues in your community about geological past.
    3. What Type Is It? Learn three major categories of rocks.
    4. Soil Sense. Study soil samples.
    5. Geo Careers. Learn about geology-related careers.
    6. Wipe Out Erosion! Try to fight erosion in your area.
    7. Around the Globe. Study effects of geological phenomena.
    8. The View from Above. Study photographs taken from high altitude.
    9. Fossil Fun! Make your own fossil.
    10. Weathered or Not... Discover effects of weather on the land.

  • Science Discovery
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Chemical Appearing Act. Chemical reaction to make artistic design.
    2. Light and Reflection. Make a simple kaleidoscope.
    3. Water Tricks. Try surface tension tricks.
    4. Can't Live Without It. Collage of science-related information.
    5. Act Like a Scientist. Do two of the things a scientist might do in her work.
    6. Become a Scientist. Interview a woman scientist.
    7. It's a Hands-On and Happening Place. Visit a hands-on science museum.
    8. Environmental Observer. Make an environmental report card.
    9. See What? Experiment with optical illusions.
    10. Here's the Rub. Discover how speed is affected by friction.

  • Science in Everyday Life
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Tools of the Trade. Interview a doctor or dentist.
    2. Catch the Beat. Learn to take your pulse.
    3. Natural Geometry. Study spider webs.
    4. Forces of Nature. Study forces of nature.
    5. Science Fiction? Write a short science fiction work about life in 2075.
    6. Color Mixing. Compare mixing diff color lights with mixing diff. color paints.
    7. Rockin' Along. Go on a geology walk.
    8. How Much Time? Find out about early time-keeping tools. Make one.
    9. Here Today, Still Here Tomorrow?
    10. The Key, Please. Study a group of living things.

  • Science Sleuth
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. What's Vibration Got to Do with It? Make simple musical instrument.
    2. The Science of Papermaking. Create a paper-testing lab.
    3. Crystal Quest. Grow your own crystals.
    4. When Is Silver Green? What happens to diff. metals when exposed to air?
    5. You Can't Escape Your Identity. With help, dust for and lift a fingerprint.
    6. Water Questions. Try at least two of the challenges.
    7. Read the Directions--But How Does It Work? Demonstrate ability.
    8. Seeing the Light. Try separating light.
    9. It's in the Genes. Learn about condition believed to be linked to genes.
    10. What Is a Simple Machine? Do one of the listed activities.

  • Sky Search
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Mapping the Skies. Learn to use a star map.
    2. Constellations. Learn to identify at least five constellations.
    3. Direction, Please. Importance of locating North Star.
    4. Planets. Learn nine planets visible to naked eye. Locate one.
    5. Connect the Dots. Learn stories from two or more ancient cultures.
    6. Tools of the Trade. Learn about telescopes.
    7. Time for the Moon. Learn more about the moon.
    8. The Sky Is Falling! Learn about meteors, meteorites and comets.
    9. Star Stamps. Address an envelop including your solar system and galaxy.
    10. Mission: Space. Learn about a current mission in space.

  • Water Wonders
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. It's an a Cycle. Show your understanding of the water cycle.
    2. The Water You Drink. Where does your drinking water come from?
    3. Not Enough? Find out about an area that has too little water.
    4. Life Underwater. Learn about 3 diff. animals that live underwater.
    5. Water Food Chain. Lean about a water ecosystem's food chain.
    6. A Balanced Life. Set up a fresh- or salt-water aquarium.
    7. Water Work. Visit a place where water has been put to work.
    8. Fixing It Up. Help with a project to improve a water related habitat.
    9. Just Add Salt. Compare salt water and fresh water. Do experiments.
    10. Water Comparisons. Conduct a water taste test.

  • Weather Watch
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Weather Maps. Learn to read a weather map. Predict weather.
    2. Visit a Weather Station.
    3. Become a Cloud Watcher. Make a cloud chart.
    4. Build a Weather Instrument.
    5. Weather Smarts. Find out about weather-related emergencies.
    6. Weather Trends. Find out about a major weather trend.
    7. Weather Game. Make game about weather. Share it.
    8. Help Others Be Weather-Prepared.
    9. Paper Spirals and Frontal Systems.
    10. Make Your Own Weather. With help, make your own rain cloud.

Bridging and Other Awards


In addition to badges there are other awards girls can earn.

  • Bridging to Cadette Girl Scouts
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. *Find out about Cadette GS books. Pick 3 activities that interest you.
    2. *Find out about national or council Cadette GS activities. Participate in one.
    3. *Do one of the activities you picked in Step One.
    4. *Participate in service project, camping or hiking trip with a Cadette troop.
    5. *Do something with a Cadette or Cadette troop.
    6. *Help plan your bridging ceremony.

  • Bronze Award

    1. Requirements
    2. _______________________ (Badge 1)
    3. _______________________ (Badge 2)
    4. The Sign of the Star
    5. The Sign of the Rainbow
    6. The Sign of the Sun
    7. The Sign of the World
    8. Junior Aide Award
    9. Junior Girl Scout Leadership Award
    10. Girl Scouting in the USA badge
    11. Girl Scouting Around the World badge
    12. Girl Scouting in My Future badge
    13. Lead On badge
    14. Girl Scout Bronze Award project

  • Junior Aide Award
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. *Get Ready: Find troop of younger GS to work with.
    2. *Get Set: Plan, with younger girls' leader, activities to lead at three meetings.
    3. *GO! Meet with the younger girls.

  • Junior Girl Scout Leadership Award
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. *Step 1: Link to Leadership. Decide leadership qualities to develop.
    2. *Step 2: Succeed at Service. Give at least six hours of service.
    3. *Step 3: Position Yourself. Serve in leadership position for at least 1 month.
    4. *Step 4: Mentor Others. Share with troop what you learned.

  • Sign of the Rainbow
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. *Complete World Neighbors, Global Awareness or Humans and Habitats
    2. *Do activity from listed resources or participate in council event & meet new girls.
    3. *Do activity from Family and Friends chapter of JGHB.
    4. *Do activity to help others.
    5. *Do 2 activities from My Community, Celebrating People or Local Lore

  • Sign of the Star
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. *Try something new. Earn a badge that teaches new skill.
    2. *Boost your self-esteem. Do at least four activities from listed badges.
    3. *Show off your talents.
    4. *Complete 2 activities from the It's Great to Be a Girl chapter of JGHB.
    5. *Complete an activity from listed resources -OR- Participate in council event.

  • Sign of the Sun
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Do an activity in which you serve God, your country, or other people.
    2. Chose one part of law and do an activity that helps you to practice it.
    3. It's Important to Me
    4. The Choice Is Yours
    5. High on Life
    6. Religious recognition of your choice
    7. Girl Scout Basics chapter of JGHB
    8. Adventures in Girl Scouting chapter of JGHB
    9. Answer the Test Yourself questions.

  • Sign of the World
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Read section on doing a service project. Discuss projects your community needs.
    2. Model Citizen
    3. Lead On
    4. Earth Connections
    5. Eco-Action
    6. Your Outdoor Surroundings
    7. Fun and Easy Nature and Science Investigations
    8. Issues for Girl Scouts: Read to Lead for Junior Girl Scouts
    9. Issues for Girl Scouts: Media Know-How for Junior Girl Scouts
    10. Junior Girl Scouts Against Smoking.
    11. OR participate in council project that helps make world better place.
    12. Read chapters in JGHB and find way to make or do something to improve it.

Miscellaneous Other

  • Building World Citizenship
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. *Environment
    2. *Education
    3. *Peace
    4. *Food & Nutrition
    5. *Health
    6. *Culture & Heritage
    7. *Participate in a Service Project

  • Connections
    1. *Read the booklet, do some or all activities.

  • Girl Power! How to Get It
    1. *Read the booklet, do some or all activities.

  • Girl Scouts Against Smoking
    1. *Read the booklet, do some or all activities.

  • Girls Are Great (Patch Version)
    1. *Read the booklet, do some or all activities.

  • Honor the Past, Imagine the Future
    1. *Through the Years of Girl Scouting
    2. *From Sidewalks to Skyscrapers - Communities Through Time
    3. *Opening the Treasure Chest of Americana
    4. *The Changing Role of Women

  • Learning About Government
    1. Complete some or all of the activities listed in the booklet.

  • Media Know-How
    1. *Read the booklet, do some or all activities.

  • Read to Lead
    1. *Read the booklet, do some or all activities.