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Junior Badges

These activities were assembled by Palo Alto volunteers and are retained here for historical reference. Unfortunately, because GSUSA and our GSNORCAL Council have now transitioned to the Journeys program materials, we are no longer able to provide any assistance in obtaining the badges/patches/insignia girls could earn in conjunction with them.

These are groups of different kinds of Junior Badges (see below for an alphabetical list of badges). For each badge we describe the requirements and a list of resources (documents, links, field trip reports, etc.) The first 5 tabs are visible here, and the Web page will reload for the second 5 tabs.

   <1>  Girl Scout Basics
   <2>  Adventures in Girl Scouting
   <3>  It's Great to Be a Girl
   <4>  Family and Friends
   <5>  How to Stay Safe
   <6>  Be Healthy, Be Fit
   <7>  Let's Get Outdoors
   <8>  Create and Invent
   <9>  Explore and Discover
   <10>  Bridging & Other Awards

Alphabetical listing of Junior Badges

Girl Scout Basics

Below is a list of Junior Badges for Girl ScoutBasics. Click to scroll to the requirements, resources, and field trips.

  • The Cookie Connection
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Five Ways to Sell a Cookie. Find five new ways to sell cookies.
    2. Cookie Know-How. Find out about Girl Scout Cookies.
    3. "Tough Cookies". Practice "tough" situations in cookie selling.
    4. Make Cookie Sales Count. Develop a plan for cookie money.
    5. From Field to Food Shop. Learn about food product jobs.
    6. Cookies Under Wraps. Buy GS cookies with troop money for gifts.
    7. Safe Sales. Make list of safety rules for selling cookies.
    8. Cookie Creativity. Have a creative cookie party.
    9. Be Bold. Design giant poster or display for cookie campaign.
    10. Cookies Across Cultures. Find cookies popular in other cultures.

  • Girl Scouting Around the World
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Thinking Day. Plan a celebration that recognizes girls worldwide.
    2. WAGGGS on the Web. Check Web site and share what you learned.
    3. Show the World. Create a display showing GS are international.
    4. Connect with Younger Girls. Create and share game or story.
    5. Just for Girls. Check GSUSA site for info regarding GS around world.
    6. GS's Founder: Juliette Gordon Low. Learn about JLWFF.
    7. International Expert. Become expert on a country where GS/GG exists.
    8. World Service. Plan project to solve a world problem.
    9. Common Roots. Learn about Baden-Powell's and Girl Guides.
    10. WAGGGS Travel. Learn about the four World Centers.

  • Girl Scouting in My Future
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Your Own Wider Op. Plan an event or trip using Travel Action Plan.
    2. Check Out the Silver and the Gold. Learn about these awards.
    3. Find Out About Wider Ops.
    4. Make a Travel Ad. Research a country and create a commercial.
    5. Make Your Own Model Passport.
    6. Plan Your Trip to a Wider Op. Select a Wider Op and plan your trip.
    7. Silver and Gold Go Global. Invite an Award winner to share their project.
    8. Brainstorm a Service Project.
    9. Attend a Wider Opportunity. Attend an event run by older girls.
    10. Plan Your Own. Design an event for younger girls.

  • Girl Scouting in the USA
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. On My Honor . Learn Promise & Law & do Handbook activities.
    2. Daisy's Life. Learn about Juliette Gordon Low.
    3. Ceremonies: A Girl Scout Tradition. Take leadership role in a ceremony.
    4. Signs, Mottos, & Handshakes. Learn GS unique traditions.
    5. Girl Scouting Close to Home. Take part in a council-wide event.
    6. Check Out Other Girl Scout books. Do activity from another book.
    7. More About Junior Girl Scouting. Do one of the activities.
    8. Careers in Girl Scouting. Interview an adult Girl Scout.
    9. Girl Scout History. Talk to women of different ages about GS.
    10. Helping Others. Plan ways to live by the Girl Scout motto.
Adventures in Girl Scouting

Below is a list of Junior Badges for Adventures in Girl Scouting. Click to scroll to the requirements, resources and field trips

  • Business-Wise
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Talent Scout. Learn about businesses that use your skills.
    2. Ask an Owner. Ask questions of a successful female owner.
    3. Risky Business? Debate pros & cons of working for yourself.
    4. Business Plan of Action. Make a business plan using list.
    5. Friends and Money. With friend, create guidelines for a business.
    6. Cost and Profit. Learn about pricing products and covering expenses.
    7. Be Seen! Create an advertising campaign.
    8. Practice Makes Perfect. Practice presentation skills.
    9. Up and Running. Run business according to plan for a month.
    10. Cash Flow. Learn about business banking services.

  • Careers
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Check Out the Classifieds. Learn from three want ads.
    2. Work Is Funny. Find comics about working life.
    3. Hobbies Can Be Golden. Ask 5 adults if hobbies relate to their careers.
    4. A Career For You. Learn what is needed to start a career.
    5. Thinking on Your Feet. Do listed activity.
    6. Time's a 'Wasting. Learn about time management skills.
    7. Interviewing 101. Practice going on a job interview.
    8. Role Models. Get info about 3 successful women.
    9. Getting Along in Groups. Learn about conflict resolution.
    10. Computers on the Job. Learn five ways computers are used in business.

  • Global Awareness

    1. Requirements
    2. Where in the World. Learn about a city in a far away country
    3. The Center of Things. Learn geographical features of a country.
    4. Show Your Colors. Make or draw the flag of another country.
    5. International Friendships. Find out about your sister city.
    6. In the News. Learn about a region of the world through the media.
    7. Be a Diplomat. Learn how countries work together.
    8. Walk in Their Shoes. Learn about a typical day for a girl in another country.
    9. Sisters. Learn about scouts in a WAGGGS country.
    10. Write On. Write letter to imaginary girl in another country.
    11. Lead the Way. Learn about a female leader from another country.

  • Humans and Habitats
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Have Home, Will Travel. Learn about homes of nomadic people.
    2. It's Symbolic. Learn symbols of international organizations.
    3. Farmers Around the World. Find out about farming in 2 or 3 countries.
    4. Your Life Would Be Different If... Learn about different lifestyle.
    5. Peace of Cake. Learn about the Peace Corps.
    6. Make a Food Map. Make a map showing where food is grown.
    7. Break Bread. Prepare & taste different breads.
    8. The World Close to Home. Learn about cooking in different cultures.
    9. Take a Look Around You. Become a geography observer.
    10. What's Best? Learn about different enviroments.

  • Lead-On
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Talk Show Star. On an imaginary talk show, interview a pretend leader.
    2. Let's Welcome... Create an introduction for a famous female leader.
    3. Choose Your Leaders. Learn qualities of a good leader.
    4. Play a Leading Role. Practice being a role model.
    5. Leading Qualities. Make and follow a list of responsible leader qualities.
    6. Follow the Leader. Play leadership skills games w/younger girls.
    7. More on Leadership. Make a plan to solve a community problem.
    8. Team Leadership. Volunteer to teach a skill to someone.
    9. What Did You Say? Read about communication and test your skills.
    10. Set a Goal. Decide on a leadership skill and try to improve on it.

  • Model Citizen
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. A Good Neighbor. Make list of 10 things that make a good neighbor.
    2. Rights and Responsibilities. Discuss rights & responsibilities of citizenship
    3. .
    4. Global Citizen. Talk with citizen of another country. Compare.
    5. Lawmaker. Design rules, regulations or laws for 2 listed situations.
    6. Create a Government. Play a games that creates a country or city.
    7. In Person. Visit a branch of government or law enforcement.
    8. News Flash. Learn 3 ways people can peacefully protest in the US.
    9. Red, White, and Blue. Read about flag ceremonies in JGHB and participate.
    10. Help Out. Design and carry out a small project.
    11. Paperwork. Help your familiy organize their identification documents.

  • Money Sense
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Troop Budget. Develop a troop budget.
    2. Best Investments. Learn about 3 diff. ways to invest and save money.
    3. Invest Together. With a group, form a pretend investment club.
    4. Cash or Credit. Learn about using credit cards.
    5. Ups and Downs of the Market. With adult, follow a stock for a month.
    6. Careers in Finance. Learn about jobs in the finance industry.
    7. Shop Smart. Do comparison shopping at a mall.
    8. Reality Check. With family, learn about living expenses.
    9. Money Doesn't Always Matter. Do a free activity.
    10. How Much Is a Dollar Worth? Compare US $ with 2 other currencies.

  • On My Way
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Create a Travel Postcard. Create 2 cards from place you want to visit.
    2. Waht Would You Do? Brainstorm ideas for travel problems.
    3. Travel Bug. Plan a trip to a spot away from your hometown.
    4. International Cooking. Prepare food specialty from diff. US region.
    5. Girl Scouts Statewide. Find places GS can travel together in your state.
    6. Plan for a Day. Complete Travel Action Plan. If possible, take trip.
    7. Id' Take. Make list of 10 things to take on listed trips.
    8. Life Travel. Learn about travel careers.
    9. Travel Safe. Review safety tips in JGHB. Make Trave Safety Quiz
    10. Pack Up! Pack suitcase or backpack for a weekend trip.

  • Traveler
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Stay Safe on the Road. Brainstorm list of how to stay safe in new place.
    2. Promote a Place. Get travel brochures on place you want to visit.
    3. Culturally Curious? Make or learn two of listed items for a country.
    4. Document the Days. Share diary, pictures, etc. from a trip.
    5. Dream Vacation. create an itinerary for week trip to another country.
    6. Who? What? Where? When? How? Plan an imaginary trip.
    7. Careers in Travel. Learn about two careers and share with others.
    8. Girls Scouts Far and Wide. Talk with older girl about her wider op.
    9. Entertaining an Alien. Pretend to host an alien from another planet.
    10. Girl Scout Travel Spots. Take a trip to a Girl Scout Site.

  • World Neighbors
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Global Games. Play a game from another country.
    2. The Love of Language. Count to 10 and learn phrases in 2 languages.
    3. Traditions. Learn how a holiday is celebrated in another country.
    4. World Hunger. Learn about world hunger.
    5. The World Next Door. Find out about people who came from other countries.
    6. Without a Home. Brainstorm ways to help the homeless.
    7. There's No Place Like Home. Learn about houses in other countries.
    8. It's a Small World. Learn heritage of different ethnic group.
    9. Kids Helping Kids. Learn about an org. that helps kids in other countries.
    10. Clothing All Over the World. Learn about clothing worn by girls in other countries.

It's Great to be a Girl

Below is a list of Junior Badges for It's Great to Be a Girl. Click on one to see the requirements, resources and field trips.

  • Becoming a Teen
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Get the Facts. With adult, learn body changes during puberty.
    2. Successful Teens. Find out about teen girls who have achieved success.
    3. Read About It. Read or listen to a book about a teenage girl.
    4. Looking Ahead. Check Ask Dr. M on GS Web site.
    5. Here's Looking at You. Set up and follow personal care schedule.
    6. Freedom and Responsibility. Learn from 3 teens how they handle it.
    7. Today's Tween. Discuss media's presentation of kids aged 9 - 12.
    8. Teen in the Family. Interview family members about their teen years.
    9. Celebrate! Plan and conduct a coming-of-age ceremony.
    10. Teen Habits. Discuss media's presentation of teens.

  • Being My Best
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Set a Goal--And Reach It!
    2. Name Your Talents. Make list each day for a week.
    3. Keep a Journal.
    4. Find Role Models. Discuss girls and women in movies and books.
    5. Think Positively. Learn to turn negative things kids say into positive.
    6. Create a Brag Bag. With group, write positives on cards for each person.
    7. Peer Pressure Role-Play. Role play issues giving in to and resisting pressure.
    8. Feeling Fit to Be Your Best. Pick activity from JGHB & do it.
    9. Good Deed. Do a deed for someone that uses your special skills.
    10. Award Night. Celebration where everyone wins I am great at... award.

  • Consumer Power
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Shop Around. Compare price for item from 3 sources.
    2. Comparison Shop.Compare item from 3 different manufacturers.
    3. Stretch That Dollar. Pretend to shop with set amount of money.
    4. Compare Stores. Compare 3 stores using list.
    5. Your Dollars. Discuss 2 or 3 ads aimed at kids.
    6. Your Parents' Dollars. Discuss 2 or 3 ads aimed at adults.
    7. Tie-Ins. Make up ads using your favorite star.
    8. Name Game. Come up with new name for an item.
    9. Pennies Count. Count leftover pennies for a month.
    10. When You Need to Complain. Practice writing effective complaints.

  • Its Important to Me
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. The Girl Scout Law in Action. Make plaque or wall-hanging.
    2. Values-Based Approaches. Write story about solving problem using values.
    3. Discover Your Values. Do activity about values from JGHB.
    4. Values Vote. Brainstorm list of five values.
    5. Values in the News. Find news report about poor decision. Discuss.
    6. Debate It. Choose two competing values and have values debate.
    7. Other People's Values. Learn about holiday in another country.
    8. Secret Sister. Have a secret sister party.
    9. Women of Courage. Learn about & discuss 8 courageous women.
    10. Valuing Service. Do a service project.

  • Looking Your Best
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Collect Tips. Create booklet, poster, video or collage.
    2. A Personal Hygiene Routine. Create personal hygiene routine.
    3. Aerobic Activities. Do aerobic activity 3 times/week for two weeks.
    4. Skin Care Secrets. Talk to women of diff. ages about skin care routines.
    5. Color Party. With friend, learn which colors look best on you.
    6. Organize. Rearrange you dresser & closet to easier find outfits.
    7. Experiment with Hairstyles. With group, try diff. hairstyles on each other.
    8. Create Healthy Snacks.
    9. Circle of Friends. Play game and compliment each other.
    10. Accessory Party. Try diff. accessories to highlight features or outfit.

Family and Friends

Below is a list of Junior Badges for Family and Friends. Click on one to see the requirements, resources and field trips.

  • Across Generations
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. These Are Their Lives. Interview adult and illustrate experiences.
    2. Learn a New Skill. Invite person over 70 to share hobby or skill.
    3. Make a Friend. Visit person in nursing home at least two times.
    4. Be a Helper. Find way to asist an older person in your community.
    5. Service Directory. Create list of organizations that help older people.
    6. Girl Scouts Past and Present. Meet GS from 1912-1950.
    7. Share the Fun. Participate in an activity at a nursing home.
    8. Love What You Do. Invite someone over 65 to share her career.
    9. What's So Funny. See how humor has changed over the years.
    10. Food Through the Years. Invite sr. citizen to do a cooking project.

  • Caring for Children
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Safety First. Make booklet of babsitter safety measures.
    2. The Danger Zone. Make list of dangerous household items.
    3. Telling Tales. Read 5 books, choose few and read to young child.
    4. Box of Tricks. Make rainy day activity box for younger children
    5. Basic Skills with Infants. Learn infant care from health-care professional.
    6. *What Can You Observe? Keep diary of your observations of child.
    7. Planning Ahead. Pick 8 supplies for all-day outing with preschooler.
    8. Hungry? Eat Right. Prepare and serve healthy snack to younger GS
    9. The Toy Test. Look thru catalogs for dangerous toys. Share.
    10. What, When? Create chart of childhood development.

  • Celebrating People
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Celebrate the Day. Invite adults from diff. backgrounds to discuss culture.
    2. Conduct Yourself! Develop code of conduct for relating to others.
    3. Who Are They? Pretend to visit Earth and report about the people.
    4. One Big Family. Make a Human Family display.
    5. Free and Equal. Write a declaration of young people's rights.
    6. Peace on Earth. Learn about peacemakers.
    7. Solve It Together. Discuss problems of living and working together.
    8. Include Everyone. Find how your community helps people with disabilities.
    9. Reach Out. Watch news for week looking for prejudice.
    10. It's a Pleasure. Learn 4 meeting & greeting customs.

  • Communication
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Get the Message? Learn about ways to communicate ideas.
    2. Signals. Make poster of diff. types of communication. Teach one.
    3. Communication by the Dots. Learn about Braille.
    4. Express Your View. Participate in a debate or give 2 minute speech.
    5. Share the News. Write & submit news story.
    6. Play It! Write short play. Read a few scenes to others.
    7. Brand Images. Create an advertisement.
    8. Word of Mouth. Create a script and sound effects for a radio show.
    9. Making It Public. Plan public relations for one listed activity.
    10. Words for Life. Learn about careers in communication

  • Healthy Relationships
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Recipe for Friendship. With 3 other people, take friendship quiz.
    2. Story Mazes. Reade story maze in JGHB & make your own.
    3. Play the Friendshiip Game. Make quiz game using listed questions.
    4. Mum's the Word. Communicate feelings without talking.
    5. Fun and Games. Make list of things to do with friends and do them.
    6. The Power of Praise. Interview adult about encouraging words.
    7. It's a Date. Watch movie or TV about teen dating & discuss.
    8. Friendship Club. With troop start monthly friendship project.
    9. Bridge the Gap. List 3 ways to improve family communication. Try one.
    10. Be Your Own Role Model. Role-play listed situations.

  • Local Lore
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Word of Mouth. Learn about story, legend, monument or landmark.
    2. It's All on the Maps. Compare current map of community to older one.
    3. From Above. Compare aerial photos of you community over time.
    4. Tour your Community. Look for diff. examples of architecture.
    5. Extra, Extra, Read All About It! Create display showing past period.
    6. Sing Someone's Praises. Create story, song or poem about person in community.
    7. Take a Trip. Visit place to learn about history of your city or town.
    8. Take Pride. Volunteer at an event that celebrates the past.
    9. Walk the Talk. Help on project to preserve the history of your community.
    10. Focus on the Future. Predict how your community will change in the future.

  • My Community
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Show and Tell. Plan 20 minute tour of your neighborhood.
    2. My Favorite Things. Make a commercial that promotes your community.
    3. Questions and Answers. Find out where to get information.
    4. Take a Trip. Visit a community service agency.
    5. Who's Around. Visit a business in your community.
    6. Lights, Camera, Action! Make a movie about your community.
    7. Make It Beautiful. Work to improve, restore or beautify an area.
    8. Helping Hands. Do service project for your community.
    9. One Small Step. Volunteer to make an improvement at school or church.
    10. How It Works. Ready in JGHB about troop gov't. Compare to your city.

  • My Heritage
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Create a Heritage Scrapbook. Make a display of your family history.
    2. What's in a Name? Discover meaning of first, middle or last name.
    3. Broaden Your Background. Research famous people who share heritage.
    4. Celebrate Your Heritage. Find a way to celebrate your heritage.
    5. From Yesterday to Today. Toy, game or food of ancestors.
    6. Who Said It? Make a wisdom list
    7. Get Together. Interview elder about your heritage.
    8. Your Personal Heritage. Start a diary/scrapbook of own memories.
    9. Memorably Yours. Choose something you want to keep when you grow up.
    10. Host a Heritage Night.

  • Pet Care
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. To Have or Not to Have? Research what animals make good pets.
    2. Be Responsible. Responsibility for a pet for two months-journal.
    3. Add It Up. Figure the cost of owning a pet.
    4. Facts of Life. Tell if pet is male or female. Female babies.
    5. Staying Healthy. Learn about illnesses common to your pet.
    6. Don't Pass It On. Research two diseases pets can spread.
    7. Healthy Diet. Learn good diet for your pet.
    8. Animal Talk. Learn to communicate with a pet.
    9. Book It. Create a scrapbook about your pet.
    10. Other Ways to Be Around Animals.

How to Stay Safe

Below is a list of Junior Badges for the group How to Stay Safe. Each badge has a list of requirements and resources that can help a troop earn the badge.

  • Car Care

    1. Requirements
    2. Check It Out. Which parts of a care need to be checked regularly?
    3. Write It Down. Write directions for one of the safety checks.
    4. On the Dashboard. Learn the name of each indicator.
    5. Keep on Rolling. Learn about tire construction and care.
    6. Owner's Manual. Learn special features on a car.
    7. Make It Shine. Learn best way to wash a car or truck.
    8. Public Safety. Learn safety inspection requirements for your state.
    9. Driving It. Interview person with job involving cars.
    10. Be Prepared. What should you have on hand for car emergencies?
    11. As We Live and Breathe. Learn about one of the listed items.

  • The Choice Is Yours
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Share the Experience. Share difficult decision making with group.
    2. Looking Ahead. List important decisions in next 10 years.
    3. People Pressures. Poster that shows peer pressure.
    4. Deciding to Act. Troop service project.
    5. Learning from Others. Discuss decision making with family.
    6. Computer Games Choices. Play computer simulation game.
    7. Try It On for Size. Role-play situations.
    8. Role Models. Influences on decisions. List people that can help
    9. Learning by Example. Look at decisions in stories or fables.
    10. Ther Once Was a Girl... Story about girl making important decision.

  • First Aid
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Learn First Aid. Read JGHB and do activites.
    2. Ouch! Learn and practice first aid for cuts, sprains, and fractures.
    3. Oooh. Learn to treat nosebleed and fainting.
    4. Get Help. Read JGHB & practice placing emergency call.
    5. Until Help Arrives. Learn first aid for listed situations.
    6. Share the Messages. Create four page first aid and safety booklet.
    7. Helping Hands. Discuss first aid training required by different professionals.
    8. Staying Safe. Create a basic first aid kit.
    9. Survivor. List top five survival tips for extreme hot or cold weather.
    10. First Aid Challenge. Make a game to practice first aid.

  • High on Life
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Natural Highs. Brainstorm list of 10 natural highs.
    2. It's Your Life. List 3 goals & how things can affect them.
    3. What Do You Do? Role-play your best friend smoking.
    4. Share the Information. Plan way to spread drug free info.
    5. Get the Message Out. Make commercial discouraging drug use.
    6. Get With the Program. Watch 3 programs. Count drug references.
    7. Media Overload. For one week, collect media references.
    8. Spread the Word. Make drug abuse prevention presentation.
    9. The Big Test. Visit police station for Breathalyzer test demo.
    10. Know the Dangers. Learn about proper use of medicine.

  • Safety First!
    • Resources

    • Websites

    1. Safe at Home. Conduct safety check of home with family.
    2. Safe at Any Age. Survey to find most common injuries for your age.
    3. Sports Safety. Create cutout of person wearing protective gear.
    4. Campaign for Safety. Create car-safety poster, tape or other media.
    5. Fall Safe. Learn how to prevent falls.
    6. Look Out! Take hazard identification hike and mark or warn of dangers.
    7. Out and About in Public. Make safety plans.
    8. It's Not Just a Ride. Make bike safety checklist.
    9. Show the Way. Play way to teach younger children about safety.
    10. Fire Safety. Plan & practice fire escape routes.