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Camporee Announcements

Thanks to everyone for making our 2015 Junior Camporee at Skylark Ranch so much fun.  We really appreciate all the positive comments.  

Go to the Resource Links tab to find additional information about camping, cooking, and equipment. 

Get a head start by practicing your skills that will be used in the various team events – each attending troop is expected to participate in all the events.  Teach the skills – these are life skills!  And watch a slide show from previous Camporee weekends.


Palo Alto Junior Camporee

It‘s Palo Alto Junior Camporee planning time!

What is Junior Camporee?

A weekend of traditional Girl Scout troop camping in the woods, outdoor skills events, campfires and songs, flag ceremonies, a Scout‘s Own, and lots of FUN!

All girls must be registered Girl Scouts
  • 1 attending adult must have Troop Camping Certification;   check the Council training catalog
  • 1 attending adult must be First Aid certified
  • all adults attending must be registered GS
  • all adults attending must be Volunteer Approved
May 15-17, 2015
Friday afternoon 4:00 pm – Sunday morning 11:00 am
$25 per person (girls and adults);  there is no refund of fees
4 and 5 grade girls only (maximum of 175 girls)
Adults:  limit 2 per troop
Who to bring?:   girls who have never before attended; in mixed age troop – bring younger
Troop size:  minimum of 8 girls—smaller size troops should try to combine with another troop or we will do it for you
GS Skylark Ranch located approximately 1 to 1 ½ hr drive from the Bay Area
Directions and maps to be included in registration materials in January/February
Weather:  May can be cool and damp: Morning fog – midday sun
Parking may be at site – no more than 2 vehicles to stay the weekend;  can have “drop off”
Hilly terrain:  there will be walking;  activities are not held in one central space
EMT or RN on site;  nearest emergency medical facility is in Santa Cruz 30 min. away
Flush toilets at each site
Communal shower house
Tent cabins for all  [do not bring tents – no space];  all sites accommodate leaders in separate space/tent from girls
Campsites are shared sites:  2 – 4 troops
Fire pit and/or grill at each campsite:  2 – 4 at each site to share among troops
Tables:  enough to share among troops in each site; the non-bench folding table is to be used for cooking set up, again troops share the space
Seating:  bring sit-upons, camp stools, camp chairs; kids can sit on platform tent steps –


Weekend Schedule:
This is very general as the specifics will be sent with registration materials (what to bring, volunteers for flag & skits, etc.)

Friday (4 pm on – no earlier please!):  post school day arrival, set up camp, all camp campfire

Saturday morning – skills events
Knot tying relay, fire building, emergency shelter building, first aid skills, outdoor cooking, “in the woods” skills [uses compass navigation, distance estimating, very general nature identification, & trail markings] similar to but not an actual orienteering course
All skills events will be judged according to the website descriptions

Saturday afternoon – activities (subject to change) in 1 hr slots from 2 – 5 pm;  pick and choose or plan your own
Examples:  hike to the ocean, craft projects (several to be offered), create in-camp lashing projects, special hike to Fern Grove, field games

Saturday evening – make your own dinner (have girls plan ahead and prepare at Camporee)followed by all-camp campfire with entertainment and results of the morning events

Sunday – Scouts Own followed by an all camp breakfast we provide for you!   Then packing and tidying your campsite
11:00 am sharp departure!

Palo Alto Junior Camporee
Outdoor Knowledge & Skills Each Scout Should Know

Knots - ability to tie all of the following:
  • Square knot
  • Clove hitch
  • Bowline  (must hand off rope end to judge)

Build a fire
  • Using as few matches as possible
  • Water bucket:  metal (no plastic !)
    size:  no smaller than 10 inch diameter x 8 inch high and
    no bigger than 12 inch diameter x 10 inch high
  • Pocket knife safety and use
  • Create tinder from provided wood
  • Build fire structure from previously gathered (around campsite) wood brought to event site in bucket

Build an emergency shelter
  • Using a  12’ x 15’ tarp (provided)
  • May use downed wood poles (4-5ft poles provided), but no more than 3 allowed
  • May bring small shovel, hammer, pruning saw

First Aid
  • basic:  bleeding, burns, breathing emergencies, joint and bone injuries, shock,  etc.

Cooking over a ground fire on a raised grate (provided) – only the following items allowed at event
  • Ground cloth (provided)
  • 1 pot, 1 fry pan, 1 spoon, 1 spatula, 1 tongs, pocket knife(s), cutting board(s), potholders, 1 plate, fire water bucket containing leftover gathered wood from Fire Building event
  • “Mystery” ingredients and cooking grate provided

Determine direction, distance, height, and elapsed time
  • Bring own compass, measurement sheet (see "Estimating" on the "Outdoor Skills" Web page) with known pace, known fingertip spread, known arm length

Trail signs:  directional, simple, using rocks & sticks & universal trail symbols

Camporee Staff Positions

Senior and Ambassador Scouts

We are looking for enthusiastic Senior and Ambassador Scouts to serve as Camporee 2015 staff.  Approximately 10 Senior Scouts are needed for the Camporee weekend in May 2015. 

Camporee is an event that provides older Girl Scouts opportunities to:
  • Acquire and utilize leadership skills
  • Develop communication and teaching skills
  • Work with younger girls in the Girl Scout program
  • Enrich the program experience for younger girls
  • Earn community service hours and leadership hours
  • Model Girl Scout Traditions
Requirements –Camporee Staff must:
  • Be proficient in these knots:  square, clove hitch, bowline, taut-line
  • Be able to work independently – your leader will not be attending Camporee (no leaders please)
  • Be recommended by a leader
  • Be able to arrive Friday evening (4 to 6pm) and be willing to work the entire weekend until noon Sunday
  • Have knowledge and willingness to lead and teach campfire songs.
  • Actively supervise younger girls during Saturday afternoon activities:  arts & crafts, hikes, lashing, song workshop, field games
Staff will need to arrange their own transportation to Skylark Ranch
All food (meals & snacks) will be provided
Staff sleeps in cabins – no tents necessary

View the Camporee web site for information about Camporee, especially the Outdoor Skills section describing and demonstrating the Events Skills.

Vicki George & Karen Smestad
Camporee Directors